Trustees of 全球十大外围足球平台 are fiduciaries to the institution as a whole 和 are collectively responsible for overseeing the welfare of the School 和 the pursuit of its mission.

A vital part of that oversight is ensuring that all legal obligations are met 和 that sound financial management is provided for both current 和 future operations. Although trustees often have other relationships with the School – as 校友, 父母, or relatives of current or former students – each trustee must put aside these personal relationships 和 concern him or herself solely with what is in the best current 和 long-term interests of the institution as a whole. The Board monitors the success of the School in fulfilling its mission 和 works in partnership with the 校长 to establish principles that will best serve the School, while the 校长 implements the policies 和 procedures to fulfill these principles on an operational basis.

Board members are nominated by the Committee on Trustees 和 elected by the full Board. New Board members are selected based upon the immediate 和 long-term needs of the School. Each trustee c和idate must demonstrate commitment 和 service to the institution. The full Board meets at least five times a year, 在校内外, to receive 和 discuss reports from the 校长 和 other administrators, 董事会委员会, 在适当的时候聘请外部顾问.



  • 艾比·格里,主席

    A graduate of Duke University with a Masters in Childhood Education from New York University, Abby is the mother of two children at RCS -- Stephanie ’27 in sixth grade, 还有30岁的三年级查理. After teaching for five years in New York City at the Little Red Schoolhouse, 艾比和她的丈夫, 劳埃德, 搬到庞德里奇养家糊口. They chose RCS because of the strong sense of community that they felt right when they arrived. “It is a magical place focused on the ages of my kids, 和 it became obvious there is no better place to build a foundation for a love of learning.”  

    Her time teaching in independent schools coupled with her passion for philanthropy has allowed her to take on many roles at RCS. As a volunteer for the Foundations Auction in 2016, in both the Auction Office 和 on the Special Projects Team, she went on to co-chair all auction donations for the Imagine Benefit in 2019.

    Since joining the RCS 校董会 in 2017, Abby has devoted time to chairing the Diversity, 股本, 及包容委员会, 和, 最近, 主持“共同2020”运动. With an opportunity to gather enthusiastic volunteers while exp和ing the infrastructure of the Cantitoe Street campus, 她说:“这是一个重要的时刻.她补充道, “We have the power to enrich the academic environment, 个性化每个孩子的经历, 和 to shape the future for the next generation of students. 我很高兴有新的家庭, 过去的家庭, 校友, 和 gr和父母 joining us as we reach our goals.”

    Abby also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Bedford Historical Society, 和 she serves on the Board of 访问ors of Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment as well as the National Council of the World Wildlife Fund.
  • 本·哈里斯,副主席

    Ben is the founder 和 CEO of Pinedale Capital Partners, a real estate investment company. He was formally the CEO of LINK Logistics, Blackstone’s U.S. 工业地产平台. 本在韦斯特波特长大, 康涅狄格, 和安大略, 加拿大, 和 graduated from the University of King’s College in 加拿大. 本和他的妻子, 劳 拉, 他们和三个孩子住在贝德福德, 路易莎的24, 狄奥多拉的25, 乔治29年.
  • 奥利弗·布什内尔,部长

    奥利弗·布什内尔在剑桥长大, 麻萨诸塞州, 就读于Shady Hill学校, 一个小, 男女同校的走读学校,与RCS有许多相似之处, before going on to Phillips Exeter 和 Tufts University where he graduated with a Bachelor of 艺术 in Economics in 2007. Oliver has worked in commercial real estate investments in New York City for the past 11 years 和 is currently a vice president of acquisitions 和 asset management at Global Gate Capital. He has lived in Bedford since 2012 with his wife, 艾米丽, 和在一起, they are raising their three children Lennox ‘32, 克劳福德的33, 还有宝贝埃洛伊丝, 被大自然包围, 一个紧密结合的社区, 以及创造性的教育环境.
  • 查琳·赛·瑞恩,财务主管

    Charlene is currently a Partner at Chart Capital, a New York-based private equity firm. She has had an extensive career within private equity 和 corporate finance. 在Chart Capital任职15年期间, Charlene has led investments within the health 和 健康, 能源基础设施, 以及制造业. She has also served as a Board Director 和/or board observer of multiple portfolio companies at various stages of growth 和 maturity. 除了投资责任, Charlene oversees Chart Capital’s compliance 和 finance functions, 和 manages relationships with the firm’s investors, which include major state 和 city pension funds, 领先的教育捐赠基金, 还有家族办公室. 加入之前, Charlene executed senior 和 mezzanine leveraged credit transactions at Credit Agricole, 一家法国金融机构.
    Charlene is an active member of the Bedford community. 她在当地组织做志愿者 包括东北治愈儿童协会, an organization that provides critical medical 和 surgical care to children around the world. Charlene also serves as a member of the Rippowam Cisqua Campaign Steering Committee.
    Charlene attended Phillips Exeter Academy 和 received a B.S.B.A. from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. 夏琳和她的丈夫, 丹尼尔·瑞安93年, 他们和两个孩子住在贝德福德, 27岁的里德和29岁的摩根.
Jennifer Buntman Indig
D. 布莱斯•奥布莱恩
Reeve '07会吗


Colm mcmahon 校长
大卫•布朗 财务总监
朱莉·库珀 家长协会主席
达芙妮Viders 发展总监
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